We engage with the local Sussex community to raise understanding of the marine mammals found along this stretch of the Eastern English Channel. We are careful to highlight the threats and the opportunities that these charismatic mammals face and encourage positive action to support marine conservation efforts as a whole.


The Sussex community is at the heart of our project and we take any opportunity to reach out directly to those interested in the marine environment to share infomation on the varied and rich marine life we see in our waters from Winchelsea in the East to Chichester in the West and everywhere inbetween.

From boat trips, research events and beach cleans to our social profiles, media interviews and access to our conservation corridor project and our office at Shoreham Port, we are available and eager to work with local citizens. Please contact us if you would like to learn more and get involved in Sussex Dolphin Project activity near you.


Our team is available to provide comment on a range of issues relating to our research and understanding of the dolphins found in the local area, including our ongoing citizen science research programme. We are happy to offer insight on other marine mammals and wider marine life as well as local marine habitats and the importance of a balanced marine environment. 

Sussex Dolphin Project spokespeople have featured in a range of local, national, international and broadcast media and we are always willing to take members of the press out on our boat trips to experience the rich marine environment offered along the Sussex coastline.

Working with our parent charity, the World Cetacean Alliance, we are also eager to share updates and insights from our Dolphins Aren’t Discard campaign. This is an ongoing project designed to highlight the issues we experience first hand from Supertrawler fishing activity, including dolphin bycatch and the impact on our local sustainble fishing community. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our progress so far and detail the steps needed to eliminate cetacean bycatch. 

Social Media

Andy T Lee

Sussex Dolphin Project has utilised social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build an enthusiastic and engaged community of local marine conservation advocates. 

We utilise our social profiles in a number of ways, including raising awareness of our focus species, educating the public and our partners on our progress, relevant issues that impact the marine environment. and to encourage involvement in our ongoing events and projects.

Our social media team is available to respond to sightings reports and related questions and use their local knowledge to unearth and share the latest Sussex-based sightings to keep our community up to date with the most exciting cetacean action.