With thanks to Ray Burn, Andy T Lee, Sarah Soffee, Mark Pantony, Tom Savage and Kai Richens for sharing this video footage taken off Sussex.


Sussex Dolphin Project is committed to protecting local dolphin species through research, awareness and education. 

As an independent organisation, we aspire to work collaboratively with organisations and individuals to create a sightings network.

We also focus on educating the population of Sussex on the importance of a healthy marine environment, encouraging action to protect local marine life and habitats.

Our research is evidence-based and captured via the Sussex Dolphin Project Citizen science programme. We aim to increase opportunities for residents to get involved with marine conservation by providing affordable training.

Our objective is to identify individual dolphins/pods, in order to better understand their behaviour, movement, prey species and breeding sites. This data can then be used to protect our marine environment and ultimately safeguard Sussex marine mammals.

Our Work



Our citizen science programme gives the community a chance to get involved and help us to study marine mammals.



We engage with the local community to build awareness of the marine mammals found in the Eastern English Channel.


Spyhopping bottlenose

School workshops are delivered on topics such as marine mammals, marine habitats and balanced marine ecosystems.


We use sightings data to: 

– Identify and document the cetaceans that regularly visit the Eastern English Channel.

– Better understand populations and behaviour.

– Collect data to identify the vital habitats, prey species and health of the marine ecosystem as a whole.

– Share with NGOs and partner agencies to increase understanding of cetacean distribution and abundance.

Boat Trips

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